Monday, May 19, 2014

HPGS Monthly Draw for March/April 2014

This is the first monthly draw for the Harbour Place's Gala Spectacula promotion which is for all the purchasers for the months of March and April. The prize for the monthly draw is RM10,000 and the promotion will eventually lead to the grand draw where all the eligible purchasers have an equal chance of winning the grand prizes consisting of RM20,000 for the 4th prize, RM40,000 for the 3rd prize, RM60,000 for the 2nd prize and RM100,000 for the 1st prize. A little crowd had already gathered in the sales gallery eagerly waiting for the draw to commence.

The new Project Manager, Mr. Chan Kam Fong, was given the honours of doing the draw.

And here are the lucky winners for the month of March and April respectively.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Owning a Condo Vs A Single-Family Home

If you've decided it's time to stop renting and start looking into buying a home, you've probably wondered whether a condominium or single-family house is the best fit for you. While both options come with their distinct advantages, many homeowners find that owning a condo is preferable when considering factors like convenience, price and safety.

Increased convenience and security
Most condominiums are located near urban centers that have a wide range of restaurants, theaters, events and countless other entertainment options - all within a 20-minute commute. Say goodbye to rush-hour traffic and the never-ending cycle of car commuting that often comes with owning a single-family home. Owning a condo, you'll be able to walk, bike and take public transportation wherever you need to go.
Living in a condominium is also a great way to find an immediate sense of community with many different neighbors in the same building. You'll find that by taking advantage of some of the shared common spaces, like the pool, fitness center or rec room, you will increase your chances of meeting your neighbors and forming new friendships.

Living in a condo, you'll never have to worry about installing your own security system as you would in a single-family house. Instead, you'll benefit from your condo's professional security protocol, which can involve the use of keyed entrances, security systems, security cameras and around-the-clock guard staffing. You'll never have to worry when you leave your condo for weeks or months at a time, as access is often tightly controlled. Even without these features, living in close proximity to all of your neighbors is inherently more secure than living in a typical single-family home.

More affordable with less stress
The cost of buying a condo is often much cheaper than the cost of buying a single-family home. Not only that, but the bill-paying process is much easier. Instead of remembering to pay several individual bills each month, condominium owners simply pay one monthly maintenance fee that covers utilities like water, sewer, trash and heating/air conditioning. Many maintenance fees also include property insurance coverage, so owners only need to insure their personal possessions.

Owning a condo also eliminates the need to worry about some types of property maintenance, such as roofing, air conditioning or any other shared property or utilities. This alleviates much of the stress that can come with owning a single-family house, while also saving even more money on repair bills.
If you're looking into finding a new place to call home, take some time to consider the benefits offered by condo living.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Gurney Plaza Property Showcase (08-11/05/14)

Here are some of the photos taken during the property showcase at Gurney Plaza.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Penang Sentral terminal work to begin in Q4 of 2014


GEORGE TOWN: Construction on the long-awaited Penang Sentral public transportation terminal in mainland Penang is expected to take off by the fourth quarter of this year.

The project, which forms a component of the Penang Sentral project, and is a 49:51 joint-venture between MRCB and Pelaburan Hartanah Bhd (PHB), will take 36 months to be completed, the Business Times has learnt. “Both the federal and state governments are committed to the public transportation hub for the Northern Corridor,” a source said.

MRCB and PHB representatives yesterday met Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the state executive council at Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak, here, where they agreed that the hub’s construction was of vital importance. “The Penang government is just as suppportive of the project as the Federal authorities. A new terminal is needed to ensure that the public has all the amenities found in a transportation hub.

“The project developers have now agreed to build the terminal first before proceeding with the rest of the Penang Sentral project,” the source added.The Penang Sentral project, launched in 2007 on a 9.7ha site in Butterworth and tagged at RM2 billion, was designed to be an integrated mixeduse commercial development and the largest integrated transport hub in the northern region.

It is to include, among others, terminals for ferries, buses, taxis and trains, and a monorail station. To kick off the project, which is due for completion in 2020, a temporary bus terminal and hawker centre were constructed over three phases. “All stakeholders are mindful of the need for it to be fast-tracked. The redesigned project will now allow for the terminal to be a standalone structure and take off first,” the source said.

News Straits Times
20 February 2014