Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie Day (18&19/12/2009)

PJD group organized a "Movie Day" for the residents of Harbour Place as part of their CSR program which is basically showing their appreciation to the residents by organizing social events and so forth. For this Movie Day, PJD booked 2 screening session for Assassins & Bodyguards and Avatar for the residents to enjoy at GSC in Sunway Carnival Mall.

This event was well received by the residents as there was a huge turn-out on both days.

PJD also took this opportunity to create more awareness for their latest project, Ocean View Residences, to the public by having a roadshow at the cinema premises as well.

All the activities around the PJD booth area attracted even more crowd from the mall as curiosity got the better of them.

The management also took the time to attend a "mini" press conference for members of the press that attended the event.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunway Carnival Hong Kong Roadshow (08/11/2009)

Local celebrity Jack Lim made an appearance at Sunway Carnival Mall to help PJD launch their latest promotion for Ocean View Residences.

With Jack Lim in the house and the great offer by PJD, the exhibition area became the center of activity for the mall.

The promotion is a joint effort between PJD and Maybank. In conjunction with the launch, Maybank's mascot also made an appearance alongside Jack.

All the kids get to meet the cute mascot and received balloons as souveniors.

Jack entertained and kept the crowd happy with games and his humour.

All the fun and excitement attracted even more crowd. Pretty soon, practically everyone at the mall joined in the activities - one way or another.

All the participants of the games received their token appreciations and the winners, of course received their much-deserved prizes.

Jack also did the draw for the few lucky purchasers of Ocean View Residences to join him for a trip to Hong Kong. This is only the first draw and the second one will be held in December.

After the event, Jack himself received a token of appreciation from the management of Sunway Carnival Mall.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The best deal in town (6-8/11/2009)

PJD will be having another roadshow at Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya to launch their latest promotion for Ocean View Residences. This promotion is one of the best value-for-money offers to hit the local property market.

In conjunction with the promotion, PJD will also be having a draw for the few lucky purchasers of Ocean View Residences to win a trip to Hong Kong accompanied by none other than Mr. Jack Lim. Jack Lim, a renowned local celebrity, will be doing the draw on Sunday, the 8th of November at the main hall of Sunway Mall. There will also be games, "meet Jack Lim" session and other activities to really bring the mall to life on that day.

OVR - Construction progress (04/11/2009)

This the progress at the construction site of Ocean View Residences at Harbour Place as at 4th November 2009. With the piling work finally completed, work on the actual structure of the building will now commence.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A visit by the Chief Minister (17/10/2009)

Harbour Place received a very distinguished guest last weekend and he was non other than the Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng. He was invited for a visit in conjunction with the Deepavali Tea Party organized by PJ Development. He took a short tour of Sea View Residences, the second installment for Harbour Place and the Sky Lounge really caught his attention. Naturally, the residents and the staff took this opportunity to get to know their Chief Minister a little better.

Branch Manager, Mr. Wilfred Ng also got better acquainted with the Guest of Honour.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jack Lim's in the house (13/10/2009)

PJ Development organized a photo-shoot for one of its ambassadors, local celebrity Jack Lim, at the new Ocean View Residences show house. The professional photographer and his team got down to business as soon as Jack arrived at the sales office because Jack was on a tight schedule.

Jack was very natural in front of the camera and the photo-shoot went quite smoothly and on schedule.

In-between shots, Jack even crack a few jokes to lightened up the atmosphere.

Taking a breather is essential for any successful photo-shoot...

The whole team, including Jack himself, was pretty concerned about the outcome of the shots and every little detail was taken into account and given its due attention .