Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chic Urban Living (17/05/2009)

What is Chic Urban Living? The answer lies with the latest development project by PJ Development, a developer that has a long tradition of excellence. Ocean View Residences is due for launching in June this year and all I can say is be prepared. Be prepared to be awed. Be prepared to be inspired. It's going to rock your world. This innovative project will certainly change the way you picture a luxury condominium. PJD has promised state-of-the art facilities that will tie in perfectly with its modern contemporary design.

This is actually the third installment to PJD's very own Harbour Place in Butterworth. It will be following the foot steps of the first two projects which is Park View Tower and Sea View Tower. and without doubt, it will follow their success as well.

Ocean View Residences Location Map

Harbour Place Master Plan

Park View Tower

Sea View Tower

I am not supposed to do this but I can't help myself. The excitement is just so over-whelming that I need to share it with someone - anyone. So, here's a little peek at what is coming soon to Butterworth...