Monday, February 18, 2013

Festivaganza February Monthly Draw

The Harbour Place Festivaganza's first monthly draw took place at the Harbour Place Sales Gallery on 17/02/13. Congratulations to the winner.

CNY Property Fair 2013 (14-17/02/13)

WR took part in this fair that was held in Gurney Plaza in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The entire mall was truly in a festive mood and the crowd was quite overwhelming. Quite a number was visitors were intrigued by the Chic Urban Living Redefined concept at the heart of Butterworth. The ongoing Harbour Place Festivaganza promotion was another attraction that was pulling the crowd in.

A bird's eye view of the exhibition booth...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keep costs low while living in an apartment

If you're currently looking for a new rental property, you might just be enticed by apartment living. Fantastic locations, nearby amenities and facilities like gyms and pools can be incredibly enticing. Of course, this is often offset by higher rental prices and, while apartment living has numerous benefits, it can be expensive. Keeping costs low is key to affording the enjoyable lifestyle that apartment living offers. Follow a few of these frugal living tips, save and still enjoy all the benefits.

Save on Transport
One area where you can automatically save is on the cost of transport. Look for an apartment in a central location with supermarkets, dining and entertainment nearby. Friends will flock to see you instead of the other way around and you'll save on petrol, taxis and even buses if your new home is within walking distance.

Find a Roommate
If you're looking for an apartment as a single tenant, it might be wise to share the expense with a roommate. Living with a roommate isn't for everybody, but if you find somebody that you can co-habitate with easily then you'll be saving a lot of money. It'll help you save on rent and also on utilities.

Furnish Affordably
The best way to furnish affordably is to get things for free. Furniture from parents and family is always great, but you don't have to have a garage full of beds and coffee tables lying around. Buying secondhand is another fantastic idea - online classifieds are the best place to start. With hundreds of people practically giving away entire lounge suites, you'll be sure to find an affordable alternative to buying everything new.

Learn to Cook
It's a valuable life skill and one that will save you plenty. If you're living in a central apartment, you might be finding it hard to resist the temptation to eat out every night, but doing so will really pay off.

Apartment living is great. It's fun, easy and, despite the expense, top locations make it easy to save. With a bit of planning it isn't difficult to make apartment living an affordable option.

Based on the article by Ian Bougen

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Harbour Place Festivaganza

Over RM150,000 in cash to be given away. Don't miss out on this fantastic promotion!