Thursday, June 27, 2013

PJD New Sales Gallery

The new sales gallery is now open for operations. All are welcome.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Harbour Place Festivaganza's Grand Draw Winner

The grand draw winner of Harbour Place's Festivaganza,  Mr. Bharat Kumar, is finally back home to claim his prize. Our heartiest congratulations to him and his family.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Advantages of Service Apartments

Location, comfort and security - for individuals or families who are relocating due to work or business matters, these important considerations are among the top of their list in looking for a place to live in. And whether it's for a few months or permanently, one of the most preferred accommodations that expatriates often choose today are hotel apartments. These service apartments are well preferred by families who are looking to stay in a two or three-bedroom apartment, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms that can be rented out for short or long period of time.

To give you a better assessment, here are some of the benefits you gain when deciding to stay in one.

Cost effectiveness - this kind of accommodation offer rates that are generally reduced depending on the length of stay. Unlike hotels that charge for single or double occupancy, service apartments are generally charged per apartment. Also, service apartments offer amenities such as kitchen rooms so you won't need to spend too much on going out to eat on expensive restaurants as you can easily prepare your own food whenever you want to.

Convenient location - most service apartments are conveniently located making almost all of the important points of interest accessible.

You will feel like you're always at home - most people would of course enjoy a private life and they offer this element effectively. It is fully furnished that are important for your daily needs such as refrigerators, washing machine and television set. There are also added features that are not found in your typical hotel room.

They offer hotel services as well - service apartments also offer housekeeping services, room service and concierge. So if you have children, they can do away with the usual household chores they usually take care of and focus solely on studying and doing the things they love. Also, services such as private chef and butler services are available so you won't need to work too much whenever you wish to have a dinner party with your friends and family. Simply seek for chef and butler services and you can light the load of preparation and focus on inviting guests. Lastly, whenever you leave for business concerns, you also wouldn't need to worry about where or what your kids are doing because baby-sitting services are also available.

They are clean, affordable and offer great services, privacy and freedom that you will undoubtedly enjoy. And with the added services and features, there's no reason for you not to feel at home.

Based on the article by Keith H Bailey

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WR Property Showcase @ Queensbay Mall (30/05 - 03/06/13)

PJD held another property showcase at this popular shopping mall and as usual, it was packed with shoppers and visitors especially during the weekend. 

The Chic Urban Living Redefined concept of Wellesley Residences still drew in the crowd...

And some were truly intrigued by what was being offered and wanted to find out more.