Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie Day (18&19/12/2009)

PJD group organized a "Movie Day" for the residents of Harbour Place as part of their CSR program which is basically showing their appreciation to the residents by organizing social events and so forth. For this Movie Day, PJD booked 2 screening session for Assassins & Bodyguards and Avatar for the residents to enjoy at GSC in Sunway Carnival Mall.

This event was well received by the residents as there was a huge turn-out on both days.

PJD also took this opportunity to create more awareness for their latest project, Ocean View Residences, to the public by having a roadshow at the cinema premises as well.

All the activities around the PJD booth area attracted even more crowd from the mall as curiosity got the better of them.

The management also took the time to attend a "mini" press conference for members of the press that attended the event.